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Fort Triumph Review: Kicking Your Way to Victory

I was a lucky winner of a Steam game code for Fort Triumph a couple months back and couldn’t be more grateful to have experienced this hilarious fantasy tactical strategy, turned-based combat game. Developed by CookieByte Entertainment, and published by All in! Games (Tools Up!), you put together a band of heroes that soon find themselves in a (un)deadly plot!

Let’s See How Some of My Favorite Indie Games Are Developing

There are some indie games that I’ve been following since early development that I’d like to share with you due to recent updates. Below is a list of some of my personal favorites that I’ll definitely be playing upon completion! Furthermore, they’ll all, hopefully, be available around 2021 on PC.

Games Full of Snooping and Investigative Work, Ranked

During a stressful time, I like to keep my mind busy, which I can only do if I have something that takes my full concentration. After watching a lot of cop dramas on TV, I noticed how much of a thrill it is to correctly guess the “whodunit” in a

Most Anticipated Magic & Potion-Making Indie Games

I love high-fantasy RPGs like Dragon Age and Divinity Original Sin for their in-depth stories and world exploration. However, sometimes I’m in the mood for something more relaxing like life-sims. With my list of indie games below, you get the best of both! With a focus on potion-making, all the

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