A Short Hike Review: A Peaceful Summer Day

A Short Hike is a relaxing adventure game created by solo indie developer adamgryu and is available for PC (Steam, itch.io, Epic Games). From now until March 19th, 2020, you can get the game for absolutely free on the Epic Games Store! Considering recent stressful times, and the fact that the release of Animal Crossing on Switch still seems so far away, I decided I needed to unwind and just go for a short hike up the mountainside of Hawk Peak Provincial Park.

Even the Trees are Happy

I was little worried that I would have trouble finding things to do, which actually isn’t the case, but the beautiful landscapes alone with beaches, dense forests, fields of flowers, and frosty mountains were enough to keep my attention. The low-poly art style is quite charming and I just love how the backgrounds fade into sketches at a distance. Someone pointed out to me that you can even change the Resolution and Pixelation in the Options menu. The piano soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to setting the mood of a quiet camping trip.

Golden Feathers will Make You a Rock Climbing Pro

Ultimately you want to make your way to the very top but doing so will require Golden Feathers. The feathers are to give you extra wing flaps while in midair or to climb up the rocky hills. They can be obtained by winning races, a game of ‘beachsticks’, buying them with money you find lying around, and more. It felt so rewarding every time I received or found one to be able to continue on my journey.

Tools Add More Fun to Your Expedition

Flying around and falling back to the bottom wasn’t even all that frustrating as I’d always discover new items and treasure. Even so, there are a few shortcuts to help you get back up. You’ll be able to smash obstacles with a pickaxe, to fish with a fishing rod and bait, to dig with a shovel, and to pour water on plants with a pale. This game is the most calm I ever felt while fishing since you and sit and wait, and there’s no frantic tapping of a button.

I’m on Top of the World!

Your character, Claire, is on this trip with her aunt May in a place the family has spent most of their summers. She’s a sassy birdie and I didn’t expect to enjoy my conversations with the other quirky animals as much as I did. There’s no rush and everyone is just having a great and peaceful day. It’s extremely satisfying to make it all the way to the top of Hawk Peak and the conversation with your mother, thanks to cell reception, is so heartfelt.

I recommend you experience this game for yourselves, and right now, because it’s definitely worth the price-point of $0.

A Short Hike




Controls and Menus


Graphics and Music



  • It's relaxing to hike, climb, and soar through the air.
  • Fun to look for treasure and items.
  • Activities are cute and easy.


  • I wanted to spend my money on more accessories, like my hat.
  • Would have liked to do something with the fish I caught.
  • I'm really stretching here....

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