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Mojoverse Games is about sharing our passion for our favorite gaming genres; RPGs, simulations, local co-ops, point & clicks, platformers and action/adventures, for PC, mobile and consoles. The main reason we started this website is to support indie developers and smaller publishers, and to showcase their innovative games.

Indie games are made by developers independent of publishers or without outside financial support, or that aren’t but retain full artistic control. This allows passionate creators to have the freedom to take risks and make a game that truly speaks to them. We’re here to talk about the best and the future of gaming.

Below you’ll see that the team consists only of one writer but we’re hoping, with your help, to grow!

Joelle – Admin/Writer

Co-owner of Mojoverse, formally a Canadian retail store selling video game, anime and sci-fi related merchandise, now a website for news and reviews regarding my favorite video games. Aside from my passion for gaming, I also love my partner Mo, my 2 cats, pizza and unicorns.

Moe – Contributor

The Moe from Mojoverse. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. I enjoy long walks around the galaxy…wait… I love Banjo-Kazooie, Final Fantasy, and Crash Team Racing. I also love my partner, Joe, and my two cats.