Become a F.A.R.T. in Moving Out this April 2020

Moving Out is a physics-based couch co-op, with an emphasis on the “couch”. The game is developed by SMG Studio and Devm Games, and published by Team17. I played the demo version on Steam during The Game Festival and included it in my My Top Ten Upcoming Multiplayer and Cooperative Games. Now, Moving Out officially has a release date, April 28th, 2020, and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC!

As certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician (F.A.R.T.), you’ll be taking jobs throughout the town of Packmore and doing a horrible job moving furniture. You have a time-limit so throwing chairs and sofas out of windows is not out of the question. Along with a new trailer for the release date, we also got a bit of an update. There’s a newly added feature and some new hilarious customization options for your characters.

Assist Mode

I’m a fan of Easy Modes so I can actually enjoy a game without too much frustration. That’s not to say I don’t want any challenges but every games’ take on difficulty varies dramatically. Therefore, the addition of Assist Mode for Moving Out has me pretty excited! It will include the option to increase time limits, skip levels, remove dangers, and more! I’m looking forward to getting rid of all annoying ghosts that follow you around while you’re trying to get a job done. I mean, some of these levels already involve tar pits, cars, conveyor belts, and a giraffe.

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