Kairosoft is a Japanese video game developer located in Tokyo, founded in 1996. Until 2016, they have released over 40 simulation games for mobile available in English. During my recent hunt for great demos on the Nintendo Switch, I came across several games by Kairosoft and fell in love. Since November 2019, youContinue Reading

Recently Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts: All-In-One Package releasing March 17th, 2020, a special collection that includes 10 games. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on the franchise. As a supposed huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, I haven’t yet played or purchased Kingdom Hearts III, even with the addedContinue Reading

A few new announcements were made today for games releasing next month so I’ve put together a list of games that I recommend checking out! All of these release dates will be added to our Upcoming Release dates calendar which you can check out here for your reference! Life isContinue Reading

Indie games are on the rise and there’s no slowing down for the new year of 2020! I managed to narrow down my top ten most anticipated indie games (with some AAA title exceptions) while taking a look and what’s releasing soon for PC and consoles, which you can checkContinue Reading

As an animal-lover with two cats, I’ve made it my personal mission to find games that prominently include adorable animals. Below is a list of indie games that I’m most excited to play! All of which are releasing between 2020-2021 on various platforms where you can either play as aContinue Reading