I played the sequel NieR Automata on the PS4 which released in 2017. Although I never played its predecessor, NieR, back in 2010 or the series in which it came from, Drakengard, it gives enough basic lore to understand the state of the world. In NieR Automata, The Council ofContinue Reading

Developer Chasing Carrots and publisher The Irregular Corporation just announced that their tycoon management game, Good Company, is coming to Early Access on March 31st, 2020! Furthermore, you can pre-order on Steam or GOG and get and 3 exclusive items to make your company look extra fancy! These items includeContinue Reading

Chapeau (French for “Hat”), developed by small Austrian indie studio Salt Castle Studio, is a fast-paced local co-op (or online with Steam Remote Play) where you and your friends get to be hats flying around and landing on people’s heads! A new trailer has just released along with the officialContinue Reading