Chapeau: Go Head to Head with Friends this Month

Chapeau (French for “Hat”), developed by small Austrian indie studio Salt Castle Studio, is a fast-paced local co-op (or online with Steam Remote Play) where you and your friends get to be hats flying around and landing on people’s heads! A new trailer has just released along with the official release date, March 31st, 2020, for the Nintendo Switch, as well as Steam!

In this wacky party game, you will have to try your best to stay ahead, versus friends or bots, while fluidly jumping, gliding and dashing through beautifully crafted levels, inspired by Austria‚Äôs historic city centers. You’ll also be able to use items like jetpacks, dogs, or even comets to sabotage your opponents! Customize yourself with a variety of stylish types of hats such as top hats, jester hats, hard hats, and more!

This type of multiplayer game is just so classic that it’s definitely bringing me back to the good ol’ days. Except this time, it’s less about battling and more about earning points, in a pretty creative way too! Interested in other upcoming multiplayer games? Check out this article here: My Top Ten Upcoming Multiplayer and Cooperative Games.

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