Coffee Talk: A Soothing Coffee Brewing and Talking Sim Out Today

Coffee Talk is a barista simulation game where you own your own cafe and listen to the stories of fantasy-inspired characters. Created by Toge Productions, Coffee Talk released today (January 29th, 2020) on Steam and is currently 10% off! You can also purchase the game digitally on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One now. Furthermore, physical editions will be available tomorrow in Japan (region free), with multiple language options.

I played a 30 mins demo on Steam and was surprised by how great it made me feel. From the calming rain sounds, interesting stories, and to the relaxing gameplay and jazzy music. It’s modern-day Seattle and elves, orcs, dwarves, have had to adjust to living among humans and working office jobs. Your friend and loyal customer Freya is a writer and wants to do short stories about your cafe and the “people” that come to “the only place open at night.”

In the demo I got to meet two customers in a relationship. I listened in about how their family does not approve of them being together because one is a succubus and the other an elf. I find myself wanting to know more about this forbidden love story. You can become friends with your customers by getting their orders right. Follow recipes from you cellphone and make lattes, coffee, teas, and more, with specific ingredients. You can even draw an artsy latte design!

Coffee Talk is definitely going on my Steam Wishlist! If you’re interested in other games that released today, check out my article here: THE PEDESTRIAN: SIMPLE VISUALS THAT WORK.

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