Fort Triumph Review: Kicking Your Way to Victory

I was a lucky winner of a Steam game code for Fort Triumph a couple months back and couldn’t be more grateful to have experienced this hilarious fantasy tactical strategy, turned-based combat game. Developed by CookieByte Entertainment, and published by All in! Games (Tools Up!), you put together a band of heroes that soon find themselves in a (un)deadly plot!

Characters and Classes

Thankfully in this very challenging game, there’s an option to turn off “perma-death”. Meaning, you characters can fall in battle but will be available to hire once more at your home-base with their level, items, and skills intact. It will, however, cost you a lot more in-game currency the higher their level. Perhaps my only major complaint about the game is that all character classes look visually the same (male and female versions) but have different names. Which to me, can be rather hard to keep track of who is who during story progression.

In Story Mode, you start with a team consisting of a Paladin, Ranger, and Mage, looking for jobs as mercenaries as a means to get by. Without getting too much into the details, you’ll find yourself in the middle of two back-stabbing monarchies, which then leads you to having to vanquish the undead. It isn’t long before you help free a new member of your party, the Savage (Barbarian), for your group to be complete and full of witty banter.

Skills and Abilities

As you progress the game, you can have up to 6 party members, with a few occasional ones that will help you along the way, if you can keep them alive that is. Despite there only being four different classes, each character can be developed quite uniquely due to the randomized skills available upon leveling up. When applying a skill point, you can choose to improve the moves you already have, or choose between three new ones that will either be common, uncommon, or rare. You can even have a chance to gain cross-class skills.

The abilities were very fun to use as some can effect multiple enemies from multiple angles whereas magic isn’t the only option to make that happen. Your characters can be equipped with special items that can be used once per battle but ignore having to use AP. Then there’s my favorite part of Fort Triumph, the use of obstacles in the environment. Sure you can hide behind boulders, crates, and pillars to greatly reduce enemy accuracy, but the more satisfying actions come from kicking said objects. Because enemies can be pushed into each other, there are several tactical scenarios to choose from! Most obstacles are also randomly generated within different layouts every battle.

The Overworld Map and Your Forts

When not in combat, you’ll be navigating in a overworld map where each step will drain your stamina. Once you reach 0, it’s a new day and therefore enemies can steal/get to map items, confront you in battle, or try to take over your home-base! This is where, if you chose Skirmishes (co-op available), different factions would come in. The factions consist of Humans (your default for Story Mode), Goblins, Undead, and Forest Utopia. Therefore, not only will you have to fight static enemies on the map, but moving factions that are trying, like you, to gain more territory.

You’ll have to make sure to get as many resources as possible (money and energy) to build your castle (home-base) for bonuses that will additionally boost your party, such as better weaponry and armor. I like how this happens automatically and that you don’t have to go shopping for anything. This let’s you focus on combat more than anything else. At the beginning of each in-game week, this is also where you can hire more and new party members if you’ve lost any. You should also have strong heroes that stay at your fort so you’re ready to defend it when an enemy tries to take it over.

If you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, you’ll probably love this game just as much as I did. To purchase Fort Triumph on Steam go here, and for GOG go here.

Fort Triumph

$28.99 CDN



Controls and Menus





  • Interactive environment and obstacles.
  • Various skills and randomized skilltree.
  • Witty dialogue and interesting NPCs.


  • Too few characters and character portraits.
  • Essentially no main playable characters and means to always hire them.
  • Would have liked to use different Factions in Story Mode.

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  1. That randomized skills is really neat!

    1. Author

      Ya! I usually prefer Mages/Wizards but in this game I had a really good setup with my Savage!

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