Get-A-Grip Chip Review: A Platformer with Grappling Mayhem

Get-A-Grip Chip is a fast-paced 2D platformer by indie developers Redstart Interactive. You are a tiny and adorable robot named Chip on a quest to save the lost Battery Bots that fell into the abyss of an assembly line that definitely doesn’t meet OHSA regulations. The creators were kind enough to give me (Mojoverse Games) a Steam key to review their stressful yet addictive game for you here today!

Get-A-Grip Chip consists of 5 different floors, with different themes and torture devices, and 30 levels. The last level of each floor, which is kind of like a boss level because there is always some sort of goo chasing you, is timed to the beat of the soundtrack. This is something I loved while playing Rayman Legends because even if you’re terrible at platformers, getting into a rhythm can help tremendously. Unless you’re like me and are too busy bobbing along to the catchy music that you forget to use your buttons (or keys). Because kicking your feet in the air does in fact help to propel your character further.

No Jumping, Only Grappling

One of the most unique features of the gameplay is the fact that you cannot jump! It might take you a while to not instinctively try and leap forward, however, I found that I later preferred not having to worry about how close to an edge I’d be if I had to. What you do instead is you need to use your grappling hook on the red nodes scattered among the multitude of sharp and explosive obstacles. This way, you’re worrying more about gaining momentum and timing your releases, rather than balancing delicately on platforms. Some levels even creatively add airflow, gravity, and other tricks to change up the gameplay.

Save the Bots and Beat the Board

Save for the final levels mentioned above, you can technically take you time getting through each level. There’s no time limit in order to succeed and no moving screen that will leave without you. You’ll need to find hard-to-get-to or hiding bots in order to progress so you don’t always want to rush and skip over those. Therefore, it’s a lot more fun to unlock everything first, then try your hand at beating the leaderboards!

Yes, there are leaderboards for how fast you can get through the levels which is perfect if you are a ‘speedrunner’ or enjoy bragging rights. I can proudly say that I got all achievements concerning all the types of death you can encounter in the game (drone, saw, mine, fan, etc). Which, of course, is something I did on purpose. At least there were a lot of checkpoints. You can check out some of my most glorious said achievements in the gameplay video below!

If you’re worried about the idea of not being able to jump in a platforming game, I can tell you that it is a really great feature if you’re looking for something different to try. In my opinion, it’s getting increasingly harder to come up with something creative in a platformer because you’re limited to smaller levels and side-scrolling. The game Unravel surpassed all of my expectations and became one of my all-time favorite games. Meaning, this game also has a very unique hook. You can even try out the free demo that’s on Steam right here.

Get-A-Grip Chip

$14.99 US



Content and Controls


Music and Graphics



  • Grabbing nodes with your grappling hook.
  • Levels that sync to the catchy beat of the soundtrack.
  • No time limits, unless you want to beat the leaderboards.


  • Needs more scenic variety between the different floors.
  • Chip could do with a tiny more backstory.
  • No accessibility or levels-of-difficulty features.

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