Good Company is Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

Developer Chasing Carrots and publisher The Irregular Corporation just announced that their tycoon management game, Good Company, is coming to Early Access on March 31st, 2020! Furthermore, you can pre-order on Steam or GOG and get and 3 exclusive items to make your company look extra fancy! These items include an adorable robot bunny companion, a decorative golden fountain, and a top hat accessory for your character!

This simulation game is about building, automating and optimizing a robot manufacturing empire, where you are the CEO. Grow your business, hire staff, automate production lines and optimize their output, invent new tech products, and profit! You’ll be able to expand by researching new technologies and building more facilities whether in Campaign Mode or Freeplay Mode.

Running a business, managing staff, and of course decorating, is something I can’t get enough of in my games. One of my favorites being Two Point Hospital, which this game resembles the most. If you’re the same and you’re interested in a cheap fix while waiting for Good Company, check out this article here: Best Simulation Games by Kairosoft.

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