Good Job Review: Become the Best Worst Office CEO

Good Job is a cooperative puzzle and action game developed by Paladin Studios exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. You play as the child of a CEO trying to prove your worth by climbing up the corporate ladder by completing some office duties. It’s hilarious as you can play around with your environment by smashing windows and by using objects to slingshot across the rooms. You aren’t terribly penalized for being horrible at your job, just like in Totally Reliable Delivery Service. Below is my review!

The Greatest Office Dress Code

All characters in the game are stick figures but that doesn’t take away from the charm. In fact, it can be argued that that makes them more expressive even without facial features as their movements need to be more deliberate. In every level you can find shiny new accessories to add to your outfits ranging from a pretty butterfly to a fierce viking! Or a mix of the two if you so choose.

Literally Make Your Way to the Top

The levels are designed as separate rooms on several floors of a high-rise building. Each floor serves as a hub world where you can play around with items you’ll encounter in those levels with a specific theme. The final room is always locked, waiting for you to finish the previous levels. There’s something new to do every time, like operating forklifts to move heavy boxes, getting the internet and power up an running, or my personal favorite level, creating an assembly line to place packages on conveyor belts.

The physics when throwing around objects or bumping into co-workers is pretty good, being very responsive and smooth. The levels are treated as a mini-sandbox where you can decide how to achieve each goal. I couldn’t resist grabbing chairs and couches to shove employees on them and leave them in corners, out of the way. When it came time to gather employees and have them sit in the meeting room, I was ready.

It’s next to impossible to fail the objectives as the timer in every level counts up, rather than down, in order to gave you a rating. There’s also a counter for how much destruction you cause, with the associated costs, with the more pricier golden objects being tallied up separately. At the end of each level, all three of those things will give you a final rating but it’s more to keep tack of your personal bests. It once took us 45 minutes to make a bridge out of boxes and we still succeeded.

Double the Trouble and Fun

Finally, every game should have both shared and split-screen like in this one when playing with 2 players. It’s great to be able to see the bigger picture when you’re working closely together, but to also be able to run off to accomplish things simultaneously in other rooms. For example, when we were watering plants together, one player kept grabbing the hoses or filling up the buckets with water whenever needed, while the other player continues the task at hand.

For a fun and silly weekend full of puzzles and wrecking stuff with a partner or friend, I highly recommend Good Job on the Nintendo Switch!

You can also check out The Pedestrian for more stick-figure goodness (PC now, PS4 2021).

Good Job

$25.19 CDN



Controls and Menus





  • Barely penalized for taking your time, and smashing and throwing things.
  • Great co-op mechanics; shared/split-screen.
  • Responsive and smooth controls.


  • Some levels should have fewer lengthy puzzles and more destruction.
  • Would have liked more variety of colors for the accessories.
  • Game could use a few more assets/objects.

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