GreedFall: Falls Short of a Dragon Age Comparison

GreedFall is a single-player RPG developed by Spiders Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive. I was drawn to purchasing this game on the PS4 due to the developers mentioning they were inspired by the Dragon Age series from Bioware. Since that series is in my “top 5 all-time favorite games” and I’m eagerly awaiting Dragon Age 4, I decided to go for it! GreedFall does indeed have companions, romance options, dialog choices and consequences, but it has a very long way to go if it’s going to be anything like Dragon Age. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy playing the game, so let’s dive in to this review!

You begin in your hometown, Serene, which is plagued by a deadly disease called the Malichor. Play as a male or female diplomat named De Sardet, on a search for a cure on newly discovered island, Teer Fradee, full of fantastic creatures and largely unexplored by man.

Character Creation

When customizing your character, you have very little choices in anything, especially hairstyles. As I chose to be a female, I had only one option that was “feminine” and none that were long-haired and/or curly like my own. You’re also stuck with a big ugly black spot on one side of your face which frankly looks like facial hair. It’s also not to be confused with the current plague which displays as black lines and patches on the skin.

Throughout the entire game, all NPCs, except for the main characters, are extremely generic and can resemble your player character exactly. This normally wouldn’t bother me if it was any other genre other than an RPG. The characters mouths when talking also need a lot of work because the deep-black voids starring back at me were distracting during important dialog.

Zero feminine outfits.


Next you can choose your starting class which are the following: Warrior, Technical, and Magic. This ultimately doesn’t matter because you’ll have access to all three at any time and can choose which “skill” you want as you level up. Skills will also determine whether you wield one/two-handed weapons, magical rings, or guns efficiently.

Attributes and Talents

Attributes have to be carefully chosen depending on your equipment. Talents will basically determine how you interact with people and with the world. Here’s what the Talents do:

  • Charisma: Extremely important as it is needed for the best conversation options.
  • Vigor: Probably the least important as it allows you to occasionally take shortcuts that require balancing or hopping over stuff.
  • Science: Allows you to make potions which is a necessity early on.
  • Lockpicking: Only used to open certain locked chests.
  • Intuition: Rarely gives you an extra dialog option, and makes it easier for you the see gatherables.
  • Craftsmanship: You can craft weapons and armor without a Blacksmith.

Your Companions

Your companions can all be part of your party fairly early on and are as follows: Kurt, Afra, Siora, Petrus,Vasco. Kurt is a soldier of the Coin Guard, Afra is a scientist of the Bridge Alliance, Siora is a native of Teer Fradee, Petrus is a priest aiming to be a cardinal of Theleme, and Vasco is a Naut (sailor). All companions except for Petrus can be romanced by the opposite sex, save for Siora that can be romanced by both options. I chose to romance Vasco for his good looks and personality, and I mostly kept Siora as my ‘BFF’. My favorite part of the companions? Their excellent voice-acting.

Quests and Romance

You need to complete a set of quests for each of your companions if you want them to stick around until the very end. Although Kurt is the only companion that has a pivotal role to play which is directly affected by your friendship. I really enjoyed these side-quests as they added a great deal of important story-line that I believe shouldn’t be missed. In fact, some of those optional quests should have been part of the main story. You’ll also want to make sure that you follow a guide for your romance-option-of-choice because you need to answer everything perfectly in order to succeed.

It’s nice that there’s a, you know, love scene, but once it is over, there’s not really anything that changes besides a pet name they give you. Furthermore, because there isn’t any “character banter” like in Dragon Age and no dialog beyond the side-quests, you don’t really get a feel for how everyone is getting along. I was so thankful that right before the “final boss”, Vasco ran to me and gave me a kiss goodbye. It really helped with the stakes and feeling immersed in the game.

I also got this lovely poem.

Different Factions

You are employed by the Congregation of Merchants to keep the peace, along with your cousin whom is overseeing the construction of New Serene on Teer Fradee. There are 5 other different factions: The Bridge Alliance, The Coin Guard, Theleme, Nauts, and the Natives. The Coin Guard and the Nauts are soldiers and sailors respectively, and The Bridge Alliance and Theleme are the biggest nations. The Bridge Alliance are mainly about science and the study of magic, whilst Theleme is a religious faction intent on spreading their beliefs.

The Natives of Teer Fradee

The Natives of course play a very large role in the game due to your main quest of finding a cure on their island. Without spoiling too much, the Natives are connected to nature and gain the natural ability of magic. They’re also connected to the various creatures like the Nadaiga (guardians) found in specific locations. I only wish this lore was developed further because their rituals and way-of-life become your major focus.

Eventually I even forgot about the Malichor and was gravely disappointed for the vague explanation toward the end of the game. The gist is the Natives are distrustful of the “renaigse” (all other humans) that are exploiting their sacred lands.

Gameplay and Content

I greatly enjoyed the battle-system as a mage once I had acquired different abilities, and I could replenish my use-of-magic more quickly. In accompaniment with a gun, which deals a large amount of damage, my character was quite deadly. Some combinations like freezing the enemy before attacking, dealt even more damage. Furthermore, well-timed dodges were necessary to stay alive. The only unfortunate aspect of gameplay was the inability to control your companions and/or have any say in their development.

Your Equipment

There wasn’t much in terms of accessories that say, protect you against elements and negative effects, but there were a large number of armor choices. Although, all “outfits” belonged to specific factions and it felt weird to wear, like you were choosing a side when you were trying to be impartial. Sometimes it was beneficial to wear a certain faction’s clothing in order to “blend in” and sneak into places unnoticed.

Theleme armor

Your Role

It’s too bad I hated most factions. I mean, no one is likable once you play through the story and uncover more about everyone. This leaves not much room for your opinions and choices with “who to side with”. You technically should befriend everyone, even if you disagree with them, so that you can have much-needed allies. As a diplomat, rather than a bystander, you can’t even make any major “world-building” changes, as all endings are more contained. The last choice you make in the game is basically the only one that matters but falls into a “good” or “bad” choice, leaving you without any “grey” areas.

At least you can steal people’s belongings without consequences.

All-in-all I’d recommend this game since there aren’t many like it in the market currently, but don’t go into it expecting an in-depth story like with Dragon Age. Aside from the PS4, the game is available for the Xbox One and Steam.


$66.99 CAD

Gameplay and Content


Story and Lore


Graphics and Music



  • Gameplay was engaging with a multitude of abilities.
  • Great voice acting and companion characters.
  • Interesting side-quests that felt relevant.


  • Lack of lore and story details.
  • Camera issues and boring NPC extras.
  • Very little player character customization options.

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  1. I have to say, it was fun, but there was a lot more they could have done, and it seems like the game skipped cut scenes close to the end. They talked about it, but never showed it.

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