If you’ve read our OUR GAMESCOM 2020 INDIE GAMEPLAY DEMOS article, you’ll know that this past weekend the Indie Arena Booth went virtual. We’ve played quite a few great indie games, the following being all in the detective/mystery genre! We’re always on the lookout for Games Full of Snooping and Investigative Work, Ranked, and we weren’t disappointed with the demos available this year.

Paradise Killer

Developed by Kaizen Game Works and published by Fellow Traveller, Paradise Killer will coming to Steam and the Nintendo Switch on September 4th, 2020. You play as Lady Love Dies, the best deity investigator, on an island that’s been corrupted by demons. To figure out the culprit, you must interview suspects and gather evidence.

The graphics of the game really surprised me with a “Shin Megami Tensei” look, where the characters appear as still images within a 3D space. The game is colorful, the NPCs are colorful, and the gameplay plays a little like the Danganronpa games.

Lucifer Within Us

If you want a more involved murder mystery that will have you fast forwarding and rewinding through the scene of the crime, Lucifer Within Us is an excellent choice. The gameplay is similar to that of the Ace Attorney games but with a “daemons exorcist” twist. I loved how you just take your time looking at the facts, the testimonies, and the evidence. You don’t have any action, mini-games, or puzzles to solve!

This wonderful and suspenseful simulation game does not yet have a release date, but I’m so looking forward to playing it a lot more when it comes out on Steam.

Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes is a narrative game where you play as a Grim Reaper in an office job, created by Placeholder Gameworks. I loved playing Headliner: NoviNews and this game has even more of an impact as you’re choosing who lives and who dies.

It’s not really a detective game per se, but you have to look at the files of characters on your desk, and make a judgement. Furthermore, your choices will affect what’s going on in the world. You can still try out the demo as of today, and play the full version of Grim Reaper on Steam if you enjoy it!


Jessika is an investigative FMV developer Tritrie Games and published by Assemble Entertainment. I bought this instantly after playing the demo on Steam because you got to enter search words to view uploaded videos like in Her Story. Since there aren’t other games that I’m aware of to compare, I’m still inclined to say that I really enjoyed digging in to this woman’s personal life and find out why she committed suicide.

What started as an intriguing mystery, turned into a predictable and uncomfortable story. Moreover, it was too similar to Telling Lies and ended in a way that left me wanting a lot more closure. At least the videos were short, digestible, and required no fast forwarding. The sole actress in Jessika was amazing and believable so I still think most people will enjoy getting to the bottom of this mystery.

Finally, I feel like it would be wrong to not give a mention to Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived. That simulation game by Critique Gaming definitely makes you feel like a detective interrogating suspects at a police station. The reason we haven’t recorded a video of the demo is because we had already purchased the game long before this weekend. I highly recommend trying out this crime game as well!

Let us know if there are other games you tried during the Indie Arena Booth Online, and which ones were your favorites!

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