Indie MEGABOOTH Will be Hosting Over 79 Indie Games at PAX East 2020

PAX East is taking place February 27th, 2020 to March 1st, 2020 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. I won’t be attending but I’ve saved the date for Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay reveal footage and will be on the lookout for indie games content! The Indie MEGABOOTH is back and will be hosting 79 indie games from 18 different countries! Learn more about these titles from the indie developers themselves and try out some demos, some made available for the very first time publicly!

Some of my top recommendations will have booths there including: Spiritfarer, Moving Out, Calico, and Coffee Talk. Thanks to the indie montage below, there are a few new games going on my list of “must-plays”!

Alchemic Cutie

Alchemic Cutie is a wholesome relaxing RPG set on colorful Wimba Island. While taming wild jellies, you’ll meet villagers, enter jelly competitions and uncover the secrets of the island. Each jelly has uniquely generated stats, traits, and over 4000 visual styles. You can tame, breed, and raise the perfect jelly companions, competing in heated jelly competitions for the top prize.

Created by VAKIO/VIRIDIAN SOFTWARE, Alchemic Cutie will release in Summer 2020 on PC and consoles.

Aeolis Tournament

Aeolis Tournament is a 3D party action game where up to 8 players compete in various game modes based on a simple one-button mechanic. Characters use an air cannon to control the power of the wind and affect their surroundings. It features physics-based gameplay, a tournament mode and local and online cross-platform multiplayer play.

Created by Beyond Fun Studio, located in Quebec City, Canada, Aeolis Tournament will be releasing on Steam and the Nintendo Switch in May 2020.

Drake Hollow

Drake Hollow is a cooperative action village building game set in the Hollow – a blighted mirror of our world – in which you build and defend villages of Drakes, the local vegetable folk. Either solo or with friends, explore a procedurally generated world of islands trapped in poisonous aether. Gather supplies, build networks to bring them back to your camp, find and rescue Drakes in the wilderness, raise them, and defend them from attacks by a menagerie of feral beasts.

Created by The Molasses Flood, Drake Hollow will be releasing on PC and Xbox One sometime in 2020.


Flotsam is a colorful survival town builder in a flooded world! Sail your floating town in a dynamic world full of wet ruins, sunken wrecks and polluted coral reefs. Keep your drifters feet dry by building walkways and boats using scrap you salvage around the environment. Craft rain funnels and desalinators to quench their thirst. Rescue seagulls and refugees from the pollution so they can aid you in your quest.

Created by Pajama Llama Games, Flotsam is currently available in Early Access on Steam for PC and Mac.

A Fold Apart

After career choices force them along separate paths, a Teacher and Architect vow to make their long-distance relationship work at any cost. Experience both sides of their story as the couple navigates the complexities of (mis)communication and the emotional ups and downs that separation brings. By flipping, folding, and unfolding the paper puzzles in their handcrafted worlds, you can help the couple overcome the emotional barriers of their relationship — but will love endure…?

Created by Lightning Rod Games, A Fold Apart is coming very soon to Apple Arcade, PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Out of Space

Strategy co-op online multiplayer game about living on a spaceship with your roommates. You’ll need to generate resources, take care of a deadly alien infestation, upgrade your appliances and build your sustainable space home. Living together is never easy, especially when you are in outer space!

Created by Behold Studios, Out of Space is currently available on Steam Early Access and will be fully released this February 26th, 2020.

The Big Con

Hustle through the 90s in THE BIG CON, an adventure game where you’re an awkward teen hustling to save her family video store from gangsters. Play as Ali, a high school junior gone AWOL from band camp to seek revenge on the loan sharks that threaten her mom’s video store. (Fighting with your mom is YOUR job. No one else gets to do that.) Maybe you’ll profit from the latest collectible plushie craze, and make an interesting friend or two along the way.

Created by Mighty Yell, a studio based in Toronto, Ontario, The Big Con doesn’t have a release date yet but will be coming to PC and consoles.

The Wild at Heart

Take command of a magical swarm of curious creatures in this story-rich, action-adventure game about childhood escapism. Battle precarious wildlife and supernatural foes, construct and craft new pathways, and discover the secrets of a forgotten world in The Wild at Heart!

Created by Moonlight Kids, The Wild at Heart will be releasing sometime in 2021 on Steam and Xbox One.

For the full lineup and schedule, go here. Let me know what games you’re most interested in on this list and why!

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