Let’s See How Some of My Favorite Indie Games Are Developing

There are some indie games that I’ve been following since early development that I’d like to share with you due to recent updates. Below is a list of some of my personal favorites that I’ll definitely be playing upon completion! Furthermore, they’ll all, hopefully, be available around 2021 on PC. However, console releases are not out of the question if all goes well with your support!

Hive Quest

Hive Quest is a game of exploration, hive building, pet management and unusual puzzles, set in a mythical woodland filled with ancient magic, strange creatures and hidden mysteries. You’ll soon be able to support the game on Kickstarter here, and can now Wishlist it on Steam here.

When I played the earlier demo last year, I was taken aback by the visuals of The Wild Woods. Flying around is as peaceful as it is beautiful! Moreover, I got the meet a fairy, build my first drone nursery, got a stick warrior to defend my hive, and got the most adorable tree creature pet called a Shrublet.

Since then, the solo indie developer Rod Tyson at Golden Heart Games, has made many improvements which involve lots of voice acting and cut scenes, refinement of the controls, and bug fixing (both literally and figuratively). There’s also newly added features! One of which includes the Book of Hive Lore, an interactive book that lists your drones, resources, pet creatures, and more!

Critter Cove

Critter Cove is an open world RPG set in a world of fantastical islands, crazy critters, and a world of exploration. You have been hired by the citizens of Critter Cove to help put their town on the map. Use your trusty salvage vessel and elite diving skills to find the resources needed from the ruins of an ancient civilization sunk beneath the wave and turn Critter Cove into a prosperous port town.

‚ÄčLast time I checked in with the trio of indie developers at Gentleman Rat, we got to talk about some of the locals we’ll get to befriend! Favorites like Pokee the sassy bearded dragon and Copperbottom the robot engineer. These characters can be persuaded to be part of your crew when you leave the island. They’ll help you with specific and various tasks. The other locals are vendors that will make requests that can range from a cargo run to a shop upgrade.

Now if you head over to their Twitter page here, you’ll find new features such as diving underwater, cooking with a combination of ingredients, and a lot more character design options which include not only different animal and human parts (i.e. parrot head, human body), but also fantastical creatures!

Paleo Pines

With Paleo Pines, escape to an island populated with welcoming townsfolk and dozens of friendly dinosaurs. Tame them, care for them, run your ranch, and saddle up your trusted steeds for adventures into the wild countryside!

This project started off as amazing concept art of dinosaurs by Jordan J. Bradley, then an early concept of an untitled dinosaur simulation game with developers Italic Pig. Soon it became a full-fledged video game project with the help of The Irregular Corporation and Northern Ireland Screen. You can even Wishlist Paleo Pines on Steam right here!

There you’ll get to enjoy seeing the creation of more lovable dinos like the sweet and gentle Ouranosaurus to the rare and energetic Styracosaurus. A new location was also recently shown; The Desert. This expansive and scorching area is home to “some of the more difficult dinos to tame. But areas of refuge like the oasis may attract large, gentle visitors!”

Onsen Master

Onsen Master is a single-player hot spring customer management game coming to PC, Mac, Linux late 2020. Players must revitalize various Onsens across the fantasy island of Izajima! Create ingredients to match the various customer ailments, reconnect the communities that surround the Onsens and discover the supernatural world that they’ve long since been disconnected from.

I backed the Kickstarter campaign a few months back because I loved that the developers, Waking Oni, where inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. Adding a multiplayer feature to the game was also high on their list of things to work on and so I was excited by the idea of a frantic co-op like Overcooked.

It has been officially announced that “be it through the Main Story or the straight to the point Arcade Mode, you and a friend will soon be able to tackle rejuvenating the Onsens across Izajima!” With that comes some collectible “skins” for Mu to allow for players to differentiate themselves in new and fashionable ways from their counterparts. Since partnering with publishers Whitethorn Digital (Calico), Onsen Master will now also be coming to consoles!

Errand Boy

Errand Boy is a fantastical action adventure game told through 5 interweaving adventures and heroes with one overall purpose: Save the town from the imminent disaster. Follow an adventurous little creature throughout the lands of Ashure with the hopes of helping everyone in his path.

With the simple tagline on developers Tree Interactive’s website, “A game about a little monster that delivers errands for the whole town!”, I was intrigued by such a noble and wholesome quest. Tasks seemed to include fetching items, throwing some hoops, and using your magical powers.

With the most recent trailer and Steam page here, you’ll find that there’s a lot more adventuring, exploring, and loot collecting to do in Errand Boy. To save the world, you’ll have to defeat some mythical creatures along the way as well!

As always, I’ll continue to keep you updated on these indie games. If you’re interested in games releasing this year, check out this list here: Most Anticipated Games of 2020.

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  1. Hive Quest is the only game where the more bugs, the better!

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