New Ooblets Update Adds Sea-Dangling

Ooblets is a quirky and adorable simulation game by indie studio Glumberland. It will be releasing sometime soon on the Epic Games Store and Xbox One. You’ll be raising Ooblets (magical creatures) on your farm, collecting seeds, items, furniture, machinery, and friends all across Oob within a variety of biomes, and taking part in dance-battles with cards against wild Ooblets and Ooblet Trainers.

In their January 2020 Devlog, the developers have added a new feature to their game; Sea-Dangling. Sea-Dangling is basically fishing but you gather materials from the water, not fish. Meaning, no animals will be harmed during this activity, and I just love that idea. I always find it difficult in some games that force you to hunt, and I try to stick to killing monsters only. Unless they’re too majestic.

They’ve also added a Reconstitooter system that “repurposes other materials and outputs bait that you can use to sea-dangle with”, Ooblets that hand-deliver your badges from the Mayor, new animations, added lore, new dance moves, and more! Ooblets has so much personality and such a unique mash-up of genres, that it has me really looking forward to playing!

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