Our Gamescom 2020 Indie Gameplay Demos

This year for Gamescom (2020), which is usually held in Cologne, Germany, the Indie Arena Booth did something different to accommodate the fans at home! From Thursday, August 27th to Sunday, August 30th, Indie Arena Booth Online allowed you to dive into a virtual convention via your web browser. You could Wishlist the games, view the trailers, talk to the developers, all with lovely thematically decorated sections.

So I created my own avatar for the weekend and walked the show floor with over 185 indie games! You can check out my video of the tour below, and also check out the gameplay demos that I tried and enjoyed!

Pumpkin Jack

This 3D platformer drew me instantly in for reminding me of the MediEvil games. It had the wonderfully dark jokes, the fairly campy Halloween atmosphere, and catchy spooky soundtrack. I just hope that pet crow sticks around. It’s developed by Nicolas Meyssonnier, published by Headup, and it’s coming to Steam (PC) in Q4 2020.

To The Rescue!

I love the idea of running a dog shelter but being able to remove the “euthanize” option from the settings. As an animal lover, I’ve had my eye on To The Rescue! for a while now. The controls take some getting used to as I’m not a fan of the “scrolling” for items within a section, and would prefer to interact with what I’m directly in front of.

However, I do love being able to leash more than one dog and select between them. Furthermore, the personality traits are really fun to match up with potential adopters. Therefore, that ribbon that automatically transfers them is my absolute favorite tool! Created by Little Rock Games, To The Rescue! is coming to Steam soon!

Weaving Tides

Speaking of ribbons, Weaving Tides has this unique idea of riding a dragon with a ribbon for a tail that can weave fabric. The ground is in stitches and you’ll notice that some areas have holes and can use some mending. You can defeat enemies by squashing them to the floor, and drag floating items downward and within your reach.

The puzzles can be quite tricky as it isn’t clear what patterns the game expects from you to create, but I suppose that just adds to the challenge! Moreover, going in and out of the environment is very satisfying. This game is developed by Follow the Feathers, published by Crytivo, and is releasing later this year.

When The Past Was Around

When The Past Was Around is a beautiful narrative game about love and loss. In the demo you’ll get to rummage through different rooms of this house and try to “Escape Room” your way to some feathers that hold memories. I’m very interested in this owl violinist character.

This short but sweet story is developed by Mojiken Studio, published by Toge Productions, and will be coming soon to Steam (PC).

Stick around for more gameplay videos from Gamescom 2020 and the Indie Arena Booth Online!

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  1. The virtual convention was such a great idea. I hope everyone starts doing this, even when the in-person events are back on.

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