Over 40 Free Indie Game Demos are Available Now Through The Steam Game Festival

With all conventions and events being cancelled worldwide, including E3 2020, many companies are looking into online alternatives to showcase their games. To help promote indie games, Valve is hosting The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition from now until March 23rd, 2020.

During this time, you can stay at home and enjoy playing over 40 free demos which highlights games from the Indie MEGABOOTH, The MIX, Day of the Devs and WINGS. A few games from the last The Game Festival on Steam, created by The Game Awards producer and host Geoff Keighley, are making a comeback! I’ve played and fell in love with Spiritfarer and R√∂ki, so if you haven’t tried them yet, now’s your chance!

I’ll be reporting back here if any other indie games I’ve tried really stand out. For now, here’s the entire list of demos on Steam, available right now!

Superliminal for the Win!

Now that The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition is over, I wanted to point out the demo I enjoyed the most out of the 10 or so I had the chance to try out. Moncage by OPTILLUSION had quite a unique way of solving puzzles worth mentioning, all within a cube and different perspectives of the same environment. Than I played and really enjoyed the adorable Garden Story adventure by Picogram, the weird Lord Winklebottom Investigates point-and-click by Cave Monsters, and the sweet Hundred Days wine simulator by Broken Arms Games.

However, my the indie game demo I had the most fun playing, and will probably be purchasing soon on PC (Steam, EGS) or consoles, is Superliminal. As I have mentioned before, Superliminal is a forced-perspective puzzle game created by Pillow Castle. The game is about being part of an experimental program called the  Somnasculpt dream therapy program. Having the chance to actually play around with the same objects that will grow in size if moved far away, or shrink if brought up close to your face, is something I can mess around with for hours.

There are also optical illusions where you can look at a flat object at just the right angle to give it depth with shadows, and therefore make it 3D and tangible. It just opens the doors to really paying attention to your surroundings and its details, and getting creative with the challenges!

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  1. There’s so many! I’m gonna have to partake.

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      Let me know which one you end up liking the most!

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