Sayri’s New Trailer is Beautiful and Heart-Wrenching

Sayri: The Beginning is an action/adventure game developed by Vidloonnya Reborn and published by Crytivo. It’s a story about friendship, and overcoming loss as Sayri, the player character, has crash-landed on the world of Ayris due to fleeing their homeworld after catastrophic events! You can check out the new trailer for Sayri below.

While trying to navigate this unknown world, you’ll meet adorable alien creatures you can befriend (Stompy and Spiny). They’ll help you on your journey by helping you solve puzzles, each with their own unique abilities. Sayri even has their own telekinetic powers that may prove useful!

Wishlist Sayri: The Beginning on Steam here, and expect it to release to PC and consoles sometime this year (2020)! You might also want to Wishlist another game while on Steam, details in this article: WISHLIST HOKKO LIFE ON STEAM EARLY ACCESS NOW.

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  1. That animation looks beautiful!

    1. Author

      Right!? No enemies, just relaxing exploration through an alien world 🥰.

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