Square Enix Announces a Remaster of NieR Replicant

I played the sequel NieR Automata on the PS4 which released in 2017. Although I never played its predecessor, NieR, back in 2010 or the series in which it came from, Drakengard, it gives enough basic lore to understand the state of the world. In NieR Automata, The Council of Humanity organizes a resistance of android soldiers called YoRHa. You are one of those androids fighting to take back the desolate planet from machines.

Creator Yoko Taro, not only directed the video games, but also expanded upon the story with Japanese stage plays and novels. If you’re not already a follower of his work, but you’re a fan of deep, intricate and artistic plots, you may be interested in Square Enix’s latest announcement. Developer Toylogic (not PlatinumGames) will be remastering the original Japanese version of the NieR series, NieR Replicant, for the PS4, Xbox One and Steam!

The title weirdly includes “ver.1.22474487139”, although I’m not surprised seeing as how NeiR Automata had you play through the game about 5 times to get to the main ending and there are 26 different outcomes. NieR is the beginning of the fall of humanity and is set in a apocalyptic world where you play as a brother on a quest to cure his sister of a deadly disease. This new “upgraded” version will include fully voiced lines, new content, and new music by the original composer.

Today marks this RPG’s 10th anniversary so Square Enix also revealed that they are bringing NieR Reincarnation to iOS and Android devices. If you’re interested in what else Square Enix is working on, check out this article here: TRY OUT THE NEW BRAVELY DEFAULT II DEMO ON THE NINTENDO ESHOP TODAY.

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