On October 29th, 2020, Square Enix launched an official website for Final Fantasy XVI. When the “Awakening” trailer was announced during Opening Night Live in August 2020, there wasn’t much for us to really know what to expect with this new title. Now, and by reading on below, you canContinue Reading

During Sony’s PS5 Showcase Event on September 16th, 2020, we got more gameplay footage from games like Demon’s Souls, and new surprises such as FFXVI. Our favorite announcement, however, is a longtime rumor that is now a reality! Check below for everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy, a Harry PotterContinue Reading

I played the sequel NieR Automata on the PS4 which released in 2017. Although I never played its predecessor, NieR, back in 2010 or the series in which it came from, Drakengard, it gives enough basic lore to understand the state of the world. In NieR Automata, The Council ofContinue Reading