The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct Featured a Revamped Museum, and More!

On February 20th, 2020, Nintendo revealed a Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct that lasted 25 minutes! The very much anticipated game is releasing next month on March 20th, 2020, and Nintendo still had many surprises to share with us today! For example: creating your own patterns and designs for your furniture, creating paths and land, and being able to turn your camera view 360 degrees when decorating inside your home!

Analyzing the Direct

My favorite Animal Crossing game is still the first one on the GameCube. In my opinion, it had the most amount of charm, and activities that you needn’t wait long to accomplish. That, and even things like getting stung by bees and getting a swollen eye, seems to be making a comeback. Some things from New Leaf such as building bridges for the town will also be in New Horizons. Then there are things like accomplishing goals for rewards and visiting other islands, which is reminiscent of Pocket Camp. It’s nice to see that everything from older titles, along with many new features, will all be in New Horizons.

Nintendo has really upped their game with customization options in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with more hairdos, better clothing options, crafting options that include your own personal touches, etc. My favorite part of the video below? The Museum. I always liked collecting things and then seeing them on display. Now, it will feel like entering a real museum where the inside of the building is just as exciting as the items being displayed.

I can’t wait to invite my friends to my island and put them to work! I mean, to have a party. You can pre-purchase the game here for $59.99 USD. You can also check out the new Animal Crossing Switch console and case here, which is releasing March 13th, 2020. If you missed the last Nintendo Direct, check out my article here: New Pokemon Sword/Shield Expansion Pass Announced.

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