Top Ten Upcoming Indie Games For Dog/Cat Lovers

As an animal-lover with two cats, I’ve made it my personal mission to find games that prominently include adorable animals. Below is a list of indie games that I’m most excited to play! All of which are releasing between 2020-2021 on various platforms where you can either play as a dog or cat, or you get to take care of them and give them all of the love in the world, which they deserve.


In PHOGS! you play as a duo of dogs, Red and Blue, on a puzzle-filled adventure. Linked by a stretchy belly, you’ll need to bark, bite and bounce your way through obstacles set across the themed worlds of Food, Sleep and You can do single-player or 2-player co-op, the latter being my favorite way to play!

The game, developed by Bit Loom Games and published by Coatsink, will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and Steam early this year (2020).


Snap photos of dogs while maintaining your social media presence. Hilarious hounds can be seen bouncing around playing or sleeping and enjoying the sun. Others, doing suspicious human-like activities and wearing clothing items or accessories.

I love taking photos in games and therefore one about silly cute dogs is a must on the list. The game, developed by Sundae Month, will be releasing soon (in 2020) on Steam.


Ever wanted to raise a pup and somehow navigate the mysteries of human dating at the same time? I absolutely love dating sims and in this game, all your romance options in Rainbow Bay come with their adorable dog companions as well! You’ll be able to interact and care for these dogs which is a great addition to the genre.

Developed by Starcolt and published by Alliance, Best Friend Forever will be releasing May 14th, 2020 on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.


To The Rescue! is a charming dog shelter simulator created by Little Rock Games. Take care of unique dogs and find the right homes for as many of them as you can. Upgrade your shelter, control disease outbreaks, learn each dog’s preferences, and make tough decisions, all while helping support real-world animal shelters (details on that later)!

The game is designed in part to raise awareness for the realities in animal shelters, although the developers promise that you’ll be able to opt out of that very specific and depressing mechanic. The game will be releasing soon (2020) on PC and Mac for Steam.


Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a top-down adventure game about a dog wielding a magic brush! Use the painting powers to explore, solve puzzles, help your animal friends and restore color to the world. I’ve had the pleasure to try out a demo of this game on Steam, created by Greg Lobanov and team, and enjoyed painting absolutely everything, more than I thought I would. You can also get a friend to play co-op as a paintbrush to help you with that painting.

The game is still in development with a release window of “202X”, but you can start buying some colorful Chicory merchandise through Yetee here.


Calico is a day-in-the-life community sim game where you are given an important and adorable task: rebuild the town’s cat café and fill it with cute and cuddly creatures! Build up your café by filling it with cute furniture, fun decorations, yummy pastries, and get it bustling with animals again!

This adorable game developed by CatBean Games and published by Whitethorn Digital, includes some of my favorite things; pastel colors, pastries, Magical Girls, and cats! Cats that you can also magically grow in size and ride! Look forward to playing this game this Summer 2020 on Steam and consoles.


Mineko’s Night Market is a whimsical adventure/simulation game where you play as Mineko, a curious girl who has just arrived at her new home on a peculiar Japanese-inspired island overrun by cats. Discover the mysteries of the island while “crafting crafts, friending friends, eating eats, and… catting cats.” If that doesn’t sound like enough cats to you, don’t worry, you can grow some in your very own garden!

Developed by Meowza Games and published by Humble Bundle, this game will be coming sometime in 2020 on the Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac (Steam, Humble Bundle).


Snacko is a farming adventure game filled with animals. Play as a cat who is determined to revive a once-populated island with many great resources and places to explore. Farm, fish, cook, craft, and fight your way through 4 distinct biomes, each with their unique puzzles, recipes, and creatures. Decorate your farm and town to suit your tastes…maybe you’ll even attract some new animal friends to move! I just love the unique art-style; a mash-up of 2D pixels and 3D environments with 360 degree views.

Created by small indie team bluecurse, Snacko has a tentative release date of 2021 for PC and the Nintendo Switch. To find out more, you can go to their official website here.


The game’s story unfolds from the perspective of the nine cats who call the remote Maine island home, when they wake up to find their human companions gone. Don’t worry, there isn’t any combat. Rather, Peace Island focuses on exploration and discovery.

This open-world, story-driven adventure game, is currently under development by indie developer, Eric Blumrich, and friends, for the PC, Mac, and Oculus VR system. If you want to help fund this project, you can do so here on Patreon.


Catadel is a colony management simulation game — with cats! Manage your cat citizens’ wants, needs, and quirky personalities as you help them build a settlement in the wilderness. Aside from building and forming relationships, your cats can have classes such as an Acolyte (healer) for combat. Another feature I find interesting is the fact that your cats can become unhappy from hairballs and fleas!

Catadel is developed by Bad Optics Games and will be releasing on PC and Mac in Fall 2020. The plan is to also have the game on Steam Early Access in early 2020. For more information, you can go to the official website here.

Most of these games have been added to my Steam Wishlist, which you can also do with the links provided above, so I’ll be keeping an eye on these titles and reporting here!

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