Untitled Goose Game is Getting a Free Co-op Update

During Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase yesterday, we got a brand new trailer of Untitled Goose Game, developed by House House and published by Panic, presenting a new local two-player feature! The free update will be available as soon as September 23rd, 2020 on the Nintendo Switch here. It will also get the update on all its other platforms, with the new addition of Steam and itch.io. Furthermore, iam8bit will be releasing a physical “Lovely Edition” on September 29th, 2020 for the Switch and PS4 that you can pre-order here now.

For more information about the cooperative update, see below! You’ll find that both geese honks are different and the new goose has a basal knob on its beak for distinguishing purposes! It will definitely be worth terrorizing the poor villagers again as a team!

About the Update

Oh dear! Two horrible geese! Soon you’ll be able to enjoy Untitled Goose Game with a friend, in a new two-player cooperative mode. Play through the whole game as two horrible geese, honking twice as much, teaming up to plan pranks, and generally ruining everyone’s day, together.

  • New goose, new honk, still horrible.
  • Play through the entire game with two players.
  • Work together as two geese to make even bigger trouble.
  • A free update for all owners of Untitled Goose Game.

If you feel like being even more annoying, check out this article here: GAMES WHERE YOU GET TO BE ANNOYING IN A WHIMSICAL WAY.

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  1. Twice the fun, twice the honk. I’m so excited!

    1. Author

      Right!? Definitely worth another playthrough with this!

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