Watch Baldur’s Gate 3 Worldwide Gameplay Reveal at PAX East 2020 Here

PAX East 2020 started today (February 27th, 2020) in Boston, MA, and Larian Studios revealed some Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay for the first time! Swen Vincke, the Creative Director of this game development studio located in Belgium, was live on stage! He confirmed that Baldur’s Gate 3 was releasing on PC and Google Stadia, and that they are still in the pre-alpha stage. If you missed the stream, you can check it out below and watch Swen be a high-elf vampire!

The premise of the game is that Mind Flayers taking over the people of Faerûn from the inside out. They do this by inserting their Tadpoles into others’ brains as a form of reproduction. Our character, a total of 5 companions, have been infected and can transform into a Mind Flayer at any time. Therefore, they’re on a search for a cure!

Swen of course was as charming as ever, as if that isn’t cause enough to watch the live show, and lead us through the intro of the game, character creation, and a few turn-based battles. Some longtime fans of Baldur’s Gate may be a little disappointed that the battle system isn’t real-time action, but rather a lot more the like Divinity series. They’ve even added more D&D features, straight out of the 5th Edition.

Baldur’s Divinity: Original Gate 3 Looks Great!

Since I’m in love with the strategy and gameplay in the Divinity series, marrying that to the Baldur’s Gate series makes for one awesome baby! A few things I noticed that were different is having to roll dice. All checks and saving throws need the use of a D20 in-game, making everything a lot more chance-based. You even have to be lucky enough to succeed with your dialogue choices ( i.e. an Intelligence check to be a smartass). I’m not sure I like that idea but at least this time I won’t be fretting about every little decision, as there are no take-backs (unless you save scum).

It even looks like the turn-based gameplay is not only for battling enemies, but also for avoiding traps. As Swen puts it “the traps take a turn, then you take a turn”. There’s still some debate on how the alignment system will work but Swen mentions that Wizards of the Coast don’t want to draw any hard lines with only “good vs. evil”.

It’s definitely worth the watch and I’m super excited to get my hands on Baldur’s Gate 3. You can Wishlist the game now on Steam here, which will be coming to Early Access before the full version releases!

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  1. Larian Studios is the best ever! Divinity 1 and 2 is the best ever! I hope this game is the best ever!

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