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Hokko Life is a simulation game by sole developer Robert Tatnell. I’ve been following his progress for quite some time and I’m excited to see just how far he’s come in relatively short amount of time. The graphics are looking detailed and adorable, there are weather mechanics, emotes and interactions with the villagers, fishing, bug hunting, and a complete overhaul of the furniture creation tools and menus.

On February 10, 2020, Robert Tatnell has listed Hokko Life on Steam and graced us with a brand-new trailer. It even reveals the game will be in available in Early Access this year!

You have probably noticed that he was very much inspired by the casual life simulation game Animal Crossing . However, Hokko Life offers some different features that sets it apart. Features that include a lot more customization (hairdos and headphones), and creative freedom when designing and building! All items can be placed inside or outside. Meaning, you can help embellish the town just as much as you can for the villagers’ homes. You’ll also be able to paint everything in colors or patterns, including clothes!

In addition to being able to plant some flowers, you’ll also be able to garden with crops as well. In my opinion, it gives players a little more to do in their daily routines by adding a farming element.

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